Easter Egg Hunt

Egna's friends arrived at the Pembroke Townhouse for the Easter Break.

They were having a lot of fun playing hide & seek in our comfy Rooms,
but now her friends are nowhere to be found! 
Can you help Egna find them?

The Egg Hunt

Egna's friends are hiding inside the safes in our Rooms, will you be able to find the combination to unlock it?

Families - Couples and Solo Travellers, you are all invited to participate in this Easter Egg Hunt - it will take place on Sunday 12th April.

The rules are simple, find the clues scattered throughout your room around our Boutique Hotel premises to find the 4 numbers which will unlock the safe.
Bring Egna's friend to her and she will repay you for your help with chocolates and prizes!

How to participate?

All you need to do is to book your stay with us for April 12th (if you haven't already) and tell us that you would like to help Egna.
We will email you the first clue!

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