Our Journey to Sustainability

ESG statement

This plan runs from 1st January 2024 To 31st December 2029 and will be reviewed and updated annually to reflect actions taken and new actions planned or underway. 

Pembroke Townhouse is deeply committed to fostering a sustainable environment and actively contributing to the well-being of our community. Recognizing the importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, we have implemented various initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint, engage with our local community, and uphold ethical standards in our operations.

We are committed to taking the steps required to operate our business in the most sustainable manner that we can.  We also recognise that we require external support and expertise to guide us on this pathway and therefore we have partnered with the GREENMark (http://www.greenmark.ie/)  to provide this support.

The GREENMark supports multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals, the Circular Economy and Climate Change issues which will ensure we are aligned with national and international objectives and enable us to satisfy the demands and needs of all our stakeholders – Our Customers, Employees, Local Community, Regulatory Authorities, Financial Supporters, etc. - whilst minimising our emissions and becoming more efficient.

Our vision is to keep improving our performance annually whilst running a financially sustainable business.  Our focus will be on initially implementing the standards required to achieve the Eco-Friendly Business GREENMark which will provide us with an excellent base and then to improve and add additional standards and actions, that will see us embedding sustainability within our business.

Our Sustainability Plan will focus on developing and implementing the following plans;

- Adopting a broad Sustainability Plan, Policy, Targets, Actions   

- Management Plan   

- Energy & Carbon, Water & Waste Management & Minimisation Plans 

- Green Procurement Plan 

- Communication Plan 

- Local Community Plan

- Biodiversity Plan 

- Employee Welfare Plan

We recognise that it takes time to implement all the sustainability actions a business could so our priority will be to focus on the most important and impactful ones and then work towards the others over time.


- We have implemented new LED light fittings in our hallways and staircases to significantly reduce energy consumption and promote energy efficiency.

- In the near future, we will be installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations on our premises to encourage sustainable transportation options for our guests.

- Our dedicated employees actively engage in regular cleaning sessions to remove plastic waste from our neighbouring canal, demonstrating our commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement.

- We have introduced in-room recycling facilities to encourage responsible waste management among our guests.

- To minimize plastic usage, we have opted for traditional Georgian fobs instead of plastic key cards.

- Our commitment to reducing single-use plastics includes transitioning to refillable bottles for toiletries, contributing to a more sustainable hospitality environment.

- In an effort to eliminate single-use plastic bottles, we provide refillable glass bottles for in-room drinking water (in the last year we saved 50.000 plastic bottles!)

- Our cooked-to-order breakfast minimizes food waste and ensures a more sustainable dining experience for our guests. 90% of our products are locally sourced.

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